visual glitch (HelP)

when i back away with the camera i get weird glitch see image.glitch.jpg

Here’s what I would check, off the top of my head:

-Are your UV maps set up properly?

-Is the lighting built?

-Do you have double or intersecting geometry on that wall somehow?

yes . yes , and no

no idea what this is but thx for the reply :slight_smile:

Hi drixtc,

Could you post a picture of your UVs for Channel 0 and 1 for your static mesh? When you get that screen shot can you have the details panel up that shows the lightmap resolution?

I’m not sure that it’s these two things just because it looks like everything is fine when close and far but the mid-range is wonky. I just want to be able to rule those two things out.

Also, is this the only mesh this is happening with or multiple meshes? Is it only happening in the this project or have you created a new project and the same thing happens?

As always, you can attach your mesh or create one that has the same issue and I’ll see if I can replicate and diagnose the issue from my computer.

Thank you!


hey tim thx for amazing feed back i re imported the mesh and reconnect the texture that seams to do it