Visibility in blueprint

Hello I made widget which you can see in picture and when i press X bottom it should send me to background of widget but it is doing that is quite widget and shows me game.

Please Help !

I’m trying to understand the second part of your question, can you please clarify? Are you saying that when you press X it shows a UMG widget but then when you press X again it exits?

I am not perfect in English language but I will try. Exactly I made widget where on object I press E button and it send me to widget which is about shop. There i got 2 category main shop and bank. In main shop everything working exactly like how I want in bank in right top corner is X button which I shows you in picture below. When I press it the widget is quit and then playing normal game. I want that button to shows background of widget like was in pictures above.

Okay I understand now what you are saying. I would convert the shop you have into its own UMG widget, then add (nest) that widget into this main widget you are using. I believe this should work, if not let me know and i can post some examples for you to reference. maybe someone else might have a faster solution. personally, I would do nesting because I figure your shop UMG will become more complex so i like to break them apart and keep the stuff more organized if that makes sense.