virtual texturing, landscapes, and tessellation.

Hi everyone.

Has anyone had any luck with upgrading to virtual texturing?
I’m getting a lot of runtime crashes and issues.
Some of them appear linked to material tessellation, other too memory running out during compiling of shaders (how is that possible with 64gb or ram? No idea).

As everyone, I have a rather complicated landscape material with at least 8 layers that blend.
After going though all functions and changing the texturs and the distance blend to comply with the VT I can get a basic working thing that however lacks tessellation.

To add tessellation back I have to literally waste another sample, since the image in use is the same exact one as a virtual texture.
Aside from that, every time i attempt to utilize the proper virtual texture nodes i end up crashing the compiler XD

Mostly just looking for advice on getting the tessellation going. Should I just bite the bullet and use the extra samples or what are you guys resorting to currently?

Also, this is probably because I unplugged the texture from the tessellation but not the multipliers, but I now have sand dunes across the whole landscape that exactly match the virtual texture lines. Pretty funny and absolutely unsure why it would do this… 0 is not 1, spiking the texture from 0 to 1 on it’s own seems very buglike behaviour.

You can just have the tessellation on your material and pass the Material Attributes to the RVT.