Virtual Texturing = Constant Crashes?

Upgrade to .23 they said, You can implement virtual texturing and get things to run smoother they said.

Literally keep on crashing the whole engine every 10 minutes by just rebuilding lights.

Anyone else having similar issues? anyone else managed to solve them?

There’s not much to go on, the error messages for the crash seem to vary.

Since I’m at it and wasting time instead of actually working on the project… Has anyone managed to use a virtual texture as a tessellation source? The shader complains about virtual texture only being supported from the pixel shader.

On a landscape the tessellation is kind of a must have at least close up. Im working on using the new virtual texture fallback nodes to re-enabled it, but I really wanted to avoid having to resample the same exact texture. If anyone has managed this or can offer some guidance it would be greatly appreciated.

Same here Virtual texturing is a joke as far as crashes i lost an entire freakin project because of virtual texturing. im on 4.24 and from the looks of it it’s still crashes. Weather it’s updating a material to use virtual texturing and sometimes converting a texture 2k or 1 k it crashes. And what’s sad is that it wont let you revert back. Oh and God forbid you use megascan textures. As far as im concerned this feature is mad buggy. So i guess it’s back to using the old mip map crap again. 4.24 is a big waste stick to 4.22.

4.24 is just raw. Its like a preview instead of an actual version in it’s current state.
however it does do some things better. I have given up on both tessellation on unreal landscapes and virtual texturing.
both are a literal waste of time.

For tessellation you get an infinitesimally better performance on static meshes - even exporting the landscape as FBX and bringing it back in has better performance then the actual landscape.

VT just crashes but is experimental, I believe. On top of costing more to render then the regular implementation (20fps loss on stock Kite Demo by converting materials and setting it up).

For the rest of the features the content examples are so sparse and the info so extruded that it’s almost like the team said. You want hair? Here is hair. You can see it, but you can’t have it.
kinda the same with the landscape layers, except they actually work through trial and error unlike getting a Groom File set up.

It seems they were playing too many game jam entries instead of doing the usual QC before release :stuck_out_tongue:

My issue is that when using the regular Texture streaming it’s always nagging about pool memory over x -amount it gets to the point that i have to keep upping the pool size, i mean anything over 2000 is just ridiculous. And it isnt even good streaming in the textures, i get more blurry images than anything. So from what i see there isnt a real solution for textures than. Yeah and VT crashes after changing like 10 or so materials over to VT. This totally defeats the purpose. And believe me it’s not my system, i mean i should be able to play gta 5 with GOD at 500fps. It’s so upsetting when something so simple just doesnt work.

True. Though I find that pool size issues usually stem from non power of 2 usage on textures.
And that how a days 2gb is peanuts. I think most gfx offer 6 or 8 by default.
That, plus the texel size being off, or bad lightmaps taking up resources they shouldn’t. Generally from very large geometry that doesn’t occludedbut has multiple sides on the same UV leading the texture to have to be in memory.

I would suggest picking the lower gfx you want to support and setting your lowest settings pool size to a reasonable amount of memory for that.
then you move up and to the epic settings based on what you work on, and just eyeball the ones in between, or -again- pick and choose the exact card to work with for that range.

Well right now all of our textures are in powers of 2 1024 x 1024 and so on. As for light maps there pretty much at default but all assets are perfectly clean and uv’s are layed out to perfection. As well as Lods highest going from 4k or 2k down to 32x32. aggressively. i was hoping for VT to work but i have no such luck and this is for a full blown city of New York, but VT cant seem to handle 3 to 4 buildings and a few roads as a test without crashing. I have no idea besides it being bugged unfortunately.