Virtual Studio asset Discussion

It seems odd that there is virtually no discussion about the Virtual Studio Kit asset. It appears to be an incredibly valuable resource for learning to live stream AJA and Blackmagic feeds into a UE level.


  1. It’s missing content that both the download page and the official UE Documentation mention, namely, the AJA and Blackmagic Profiles and the additional studio maps.
  2. It has a Compile ERROR in the ‘VirtualSetMediaInput’ Blueprint. I’m not a seasoned UE user yet and I can’t get around it. This ERROR prevents the proper playing of the entire asset

My goal here is to start some dialog about the asset. I find it valuable, I think, if I can get the ERRORS solved. Also, since it apparently has not been discussed on this Forum, this might be a good start to making it a useful asset for many of us.

Hello m8, have you find the way to see the content?