Virtual Shadow Maps are Blocky even after using resolution controls

I am having the same issue as many others, jagged blocky shadows. I have already adjusted the controls for
r.Shadow.Virtual.ResolutionLodBiasDirectional -4
I’ve used higher values as well, but it has no more effect beyond that. I’m using a long lens and focusing down on some “painted foliage spheres” here from high up in the sky. For the project I’m working on, this is a required view, but it seems VSM are having issues resolving the shadow detail when at far distances with a telephoto lens/view.

Any suggestions?


I’m thinking that virtual shadow maps should take FOV into account when determining the resolution, but currently, it is not.

I’ve also tested by rendering a wider view at very high resolutions. The shadows remain blocky.

This is my issue as well. UE5, using raytraced shadows.

Shadows look great at 35mm or 50mm, but above that you’re literally zooming into the artifacting. I think you’re correct that it’s not taking into account the FOV.