Virtual Reality Horror Game

Hello UE4 Community!

Our team has the development of a VR horror game underway and are looking for some programmers to help join to meet our 30 day deadline. You will be paid in accordance to the written contract and will need to be signed on (Must be at least 18 years old to sign a contract).

The game is only 10 nights long and a document showing audio and night progression will be supplied if interested.

The pay will be per night finished and each night will vary in price. The price of the nights can be negotiated in the contract but once the contract is signed and finished there will be no changes made without the consent of both parties. There will be no royalty or percentage split, only work paid for work completed.

Here’s a short gif (sorry about the quality) showing some of the game. I don’t want to show everything public so if you’re interested to see more just message and let me know (CONTENT WILL ONLY BE SHOWN TO ONLY THOSE WHO APPLY).

3960 Consternation Drive.gif