Virtual Joysticks not showing up

Hey you people out there,

I´m having a problem with my Android game.
I´m currently making a driving game named “SuperRide”. There are some Levels to drive through, nothing very special…

Now, there are many Levels - Start / Main menu (startmap), Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3.
You load into the first world (startmap). Via EventBeginPlay, it Displays the main menu. If I now go into one of the Levels, it doesn´t display the Virtual Joysticks (In this case the Sedan Default Joysticks), but it displays if I go into the Level and click “Play” for the PIE!

I coded this:
So, the player spawns in the air. Then he falls to the TriggerBox. But if I come from the main menu, as I said, it doesnt show?

Got tips? :slight_smile:

Ole from Germany