Virtual Bones not saving on Sequencer

I’m trying to animate a virtual bone using Sequencer. When I finish the animation and close Sequencer, I receive the following warning and error in the Output Log:

Warning: Unable to find RigBone with name VB hand_l_hand_l
Error: Failed to add Bone control with name VB hand_l_hand_l

When I researched this error in the GitHub source code, I found that in version 5.2, the AnimSequencerController was added, and it seems that the AddBoneControl(BoneName) causing this error was added on line 1565.

To reproduce this error, I imported the ThirdPerson example and added a virtual bone to the skeleton. Then, I opened any AnimSequence and prepared it for editing in the editor by clicking the “Edit in Sequencer” button. After adding a few keyframes for the virtual bone, I saved and closed it. However, when I reopened the AnimSequence, the animations for the virtual bone were deleted.

@Marc_Audy According to GitHub, this topic should be related to you sir. Thank you.