ViewState in Stereoscopic renders

I’ve posted this a few other places but no one seems to know…
In this Stereoscopic render tutorial (here: everything is working fine for me except I am not able to use my blendable material in my post process volume.
In the tutorial it gives some code to add to ScreenCapturer.cpp…I’ve added the code and saved the file but still nothing is showing up. In the tutorial it says “Note: You may need to force the capture component to have a ViewState for certain post effects (e.g. material effects) to work.”
So seems like I need a line or two more of code…I am at a total loss what to do, though. Does anyone have any experience with stereoscopic renders? Are you using this plugin? Are you able to use PostProcessing volumes? Do you know how to force CaptureComponent to have a viewState? I don’t even know what a viewstate is in this instance…

Thanks so much for any help!