View physics before final render?

So when I try to use the sequencer, I can’t see the physics I have set up. I brought an animation in from 3DS Max of a catapult launching. The catapult launches whenever a trigger box next to it is overlapped. In play mode, I can do this by shooting it or walking through it. When I am doing the animation, I’m dropping a ball that falls through the trigger box. I view the process in “Simulate,” and the ball drops. However, when I’m in the sequencer, and I click play, nothing that’s physics based activates. I do not have the catapult in the sequencer, and I know I do not need it in there, because that would cancel out the physics and animation. I want to be able to move my camera around and see where the stuff would be at a given point in time, so I can properly position the camera. I’d like to be able to do this without having to render out the entire thing first, so that I can see in real time where my camera is pointing, as I want it to move around my “Rube Goldberg” machine I have set up in Unreal. Thanks in advance for the help!