View Character on HUD

Hello, I need some advice! Right now I have a character and a scene capture component set to capture only itself (the character bp). While that works, if I jump and I open the inventory I can see the character jumping. Also that view is affected by lighting, so at night it’s gonna be useless. So I decided to make a small room actor, where I place a character and previews the idle animation. Now my problem is, sometimes I have attached tools or armor. Is there any easy way to attach those to the character on the preview? The best idea I’ve come up so far is to use an event dispatcher when I attach those objects but it can get tricky when switching between 2 tools/armors. Do you have any ideas to make this easier?

I’m not sure what you mean by it can get trickier.

A similar method would be when you call your ‘equip’ function you equip your pawn and your inventory pawn together at the same time.

Yeah I ended up making an event dispatcher when my equipment changes.