View Aligned Reflection ?

How exactly do I use ViewAlignedReflection ? Can’t find much info on it.

We have some information about it here with an example setup: Reflections | Unreal Engine Documentation

This node can be good to setup a spherical reflection in your material to fake some reflection from the environment rather than using reflection captures. Thes reflection will stay adjust based on the way your camera is looking. Ideally these are good for background or environment reflections that need to be faked.

Here’s an example setup:



Use the Roughness to control how smooth the surface is taking into account that if you still have Screen Space Reflection enabled (on by default in your Post Process Volume), that these reflections will still be visible.

Use the Emissive value to control how bright the reflection texture is. This can be an artistic tweak to get the results. When using a value of 0 you have no view aligned reflection and increasing this will increase the the brightness for the reflection.

Thanks. I thought the emissive color was to make a glowing texture ?

Noy exclusively. It can be used in situations like this. Using the multiply node allows you to control its brightness too.