videos disappeared in 4.11

I have a media file in my game. It’s a .wmv, 11 second animation. I use it as a material. The mesh is in an actor blueprint and when the player gets near, the blueprint triggers the media file to play. End overlap, stops playing.

It was working fine in 4.10 and since I upgraded to 4.11 it is working in the viewport but in a standalone game it turned one mesh it’s on black (not a blueprint…just a static mesh) and has made the other mesh completely disappear (the actor BP one). I re-imported the file, tried an mp4 instead, changed it back to .wmv. It’s in the Content/Movies directory…I rebuilt the level.
Any other ideas?
Thanks for any help!

This happened in an earlier project for me too. What I did was click the reset/… button beside the source path inside the media file and then it worked in a standalone game. Hopefully this works

Thanks for the help. When i go to click the reset button (you mean the yellow arrow thing, correct?) the editor crashes and gives me no error. Just “You do not have any debugging symbols required to display the callstack for this crash.”
I deleted the text in the path directory, saved, and reopened the file but still get the same as before. Any other ideas?

I also tried local and relative paths: ./Movies/colorField.wmv and C:/UnrealGame/Content?Movies?colorField.wmv
I deleted everything and reimported.
Still same behavior.

For trouble shooting sake, have you tried testing your setup new from scratch with a different video file?

Just tried it…I followed the media framework tutorial in the documentation and in the viewport, it’s working fine. when i go to play in standalone the cube I applied the texture to has the checkered pattern.

I did the same in 4.10 and everything works fine.

got a response on answers. it’s a known issue and there is no workaround…will be fixed in an upcoming hotfix. bummer! :frowning: