Video WMV files dont play in packaged game on other pc! Oculus CV1

Like the title says. I created a motion picture with 2d video with UE4 for an VR OR CV1 experience. I packaged the project and on my pc & the whole project plays fine from the packaged folder on my computer.

But when i copy the packaged project & play it on another pc the video files do not play!, the rest of the project does work fine. This means al the actors in the movie have disappeared, as if famous hollywood actors would not be there because the computer it’s video drivers are not updated?

Why are these standard WMV video files not play on another computer? We checked the files in VLC and WMP, they work out of the project folder, not ingame. This film project will be admitted for the Sundance film festival, however, if the jury is watching this movie and all the actors are gone, this is crazy!

Some extra information:

  • I have tested the project succesfully on my computer on a GTX980TI & now the GTX1070. The other computer which does not play the movie files has a GTX970. This guy has a Oculus Rift devkit 2, and also Oculus Home installed, the project starts fine but without playing the WMV video files ingame. Why?