Video games makes sense

I mentioned Jean Baudrillard’s book novel Simulacra and Simulation and Albert Camus Sisyphous because I had so many personal life failures in the past. That makes us human beings stronger. Like in that “What Doesn’t Kill us Makes us Stronger” full of methaphors that even if God,devil, Jesus Christ or life,nature however you call it to not give up like never. To think nothing is meaningless,pointless,absurd everything makes sensie,right? Or am I wrong? Just doing it. For sake of modern entertainment. I meant only special people like me. Not everyone. Some trends dying some trends living old ones vs new ones…etc. Ups and downs. Rises and downfalls. Time passing. Living and dying.

It just gives a pleasure to the people,right? Why it doesn’t makes sense? I guess It depends in which it’s videogame genres they are speaking of videogame current trends(isometric MMORPG,MOBA,RTS,Battle Royale,Freemium PC/Mobile microtransactions,Battle Royale-beloved by American and Chinese corporate studio companies). Maybe only for gothic,depressed people(due to times changing,people changing,civilization changing,companies evolving…etc.)for them eveything makes no sense so they are wounding themselves. Previous similar thread was just closed. It’s all about popcultural modern satisfaction I guess. For people with my IQ like me mathematics and physics taught in school are methaphorically Achilles 'heel ancient,primeval greek warrior in the past. Speaking of chronicles of politheistic religions(religious believes of the universe). Does this thread still sounds like reverse psychology,lack of passion? Of things we love and adore doing?