Video files do not work at all.

Is there other ways to make videos play in the engine? I seen various tutorials all showing similar things and neither one of them work for me,
the only one that does work is the start up movie that later goes to the games level also this only works with 720p video Which is insane I don’t
get why it wont play in 1080p.

Are they the correct file type? Are you trying to v have a video play like as if it was on a TV? Or are you trying to have more videos added to your start up video?

Its to play videos mostly not as props, I finally got it to work but was a stretch the videos worked with the Widget UI and then have it being drawn with a viewport in game I did not try this because I remember trying it a long time ago and it never worked but I take it the engine matured more with the video playing by time with new versions.

It works but the audio does not work at all so I have to convert the actual video file by making a copy of it and converting it to a .WAV and having it play along side the video in the engine.

Very painful to play videos since it almost never worked with me but its working fine now and play well with 1080p video.