[Video and Blueprint] Solar System Blueprint system

I made this single blueprint for the UE4 january gamejam, but i couldn’t package it, so i fixed the packaging error and i upload it for anyone who wants it!

(currently uploading the blueprint)

Download link of the project with everything, enjoy

I don’t know if this is the best way to do this, it just works lol

Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Beautiful. This is actually something I needed as part of a project I’m doing with some indie friends - do you mind if I use this?

It’s completely free for you to use in anything you’d like :slight_smile:

Also you don’t have to provide me with credit. <3

You’re welcome guys.

Thanks a lot ^^

Thanks dude, something else for me to tinker with!

Edit: When i try to open the uproject, i get

Any ideas?

I’ll download the zip and see what i get! Hopefully i can reproduce and tinker myself

i couldnt see the error, but just take the content folder into a new project, and just open the level :slight_smile:

Thanks. It’s always nice to see developers do what they do for the good of the community.

Figured out my issue, was opening it with an old source built version of the engine, oops!

Works a treat, thanks dude :).

Solar System RND Download