🌞 Victory Plugin ~ Rama's Extra Blueprint Nodes for UE5, No C++ Required!

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And welcome to the forums to you too @rubiconr5a !

New build is on the way!



UE5.0 Build Is Life!

And it’s live in original post download link too!




Thank you so much Rama! plugin now loads into the project but still having some issues:

any help would be amazing thank you.


Thank you Rama. Unfortunately I’m facing similar issues to rubiconr5a, as it appears some widgets from the plugin no longer exist in UE5.

We all greatly appreciate the insane amount of effort you put into these plugins and for the UE4&5 community.


Hello Rama,

I don’t know if it was asked before but I’m using theses function on my UE4.26 project :

  • GetWidgetFromName
  • IsWidgetOfClassInViewport
  • RemoveAllWidgetOfClass
  • TextToInt
  • IsAlphaNumeric

It would be great to have them, or any alternative on UE5!
Thanks for your work :3

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Hi Rama,

I believe the Victory Plugin isn’t working at intended as it’s missing many added blueprints that this plugin originally provided within UE4 but doesn’t register within UE5.

Disgallion pointed out the major missing nodes:


  • GetWidgetFromName
  • IsWidgetOfClassInViewport
  • RemoveAllWidgetOfClass
  • TextToInt
  • IsAlphaNumeric

As always we love your hard work and it’d mean a whole lot if these were made available for UE5. Thank you for your time.


:zap: :zap: :zap: NEW VERSION IS LIVE :zap: :zap: :zap:

EDIT: All the Nodes mentioned below have been added!

Any other requests let me know!

Oooh good point I will add this!

Good points! Will add!


Again if anyone is curious, I wanted to integrate into UE5 only the nodes people were using to try and trim down the victory plugin to what is actually relevant for everyone.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but I also love hearing which nodes you are enjoying using most!

I will do an update soon!



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Hallo Rama,

ich bräuchte dringend “Accessor Get Character Skeletan Mesh”. Es wäre so lieb von dir wenn du das in dem VictoryPlugin5 wieder mit einbauen könntest.

Ich danke dir und würde dir zu Füßen liegen.

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I’m enjoying your plugins and way of posting here very a lot! Thank you for creating and sharing. :3

Was wondering if it’s possible, with VictoryCreateProc, to send multiple commands to the same process/pipe? Not arguments for the same command, but followup inputs based on what comes back through the pipe.

I noticed WritePipe was mentioned in the C++ code of the plugin but have been scratchin’ my head trying to locate something like that in Blueprints. Maybe I just need to do some kind of smart loop on the pipe? Any help at all with this would be appreciated!

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GetVectorRelativeLocation - is also not working. BUT, I’m like 90% sure that “InverseTransform” native function pretty much do the same thing? Please correct me if I’m wrong )

What happened to the github, you are not updating there anymore?

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The source cannot be compiled, it is missing


EDIT. I fixed that easily, but it seems there are many more compile errors with 5.01

Thank you for the continued updates. I personally use the AIMoveToWithFilter node from the ue4 version.

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Hi there!

You can use “cast to character” and retrieve the skeletal mesh manually, instead of using my node, for immediate project update :slight_smile:

just right click and type “cast character” then if the cast succeeds, get skeletal mesh

Good point, I should update to UE5!

That is a great point, I should add write pipe from BP to proc!

Will work on that soon!

Okay I will add this in next UE5 update!

Here’s the C++, I am not sure if these functions are BP exposed, but I can add in nexxt update!

FVector UVictoryBPFunctionLibrary::GetVectorRelativeLocation(FVector ParentLocation, FRotator ParentRotation, FVector ChildLocation)
	return ParentRotation.UnrotateVector(ChildLocation - ParentLocation);




Very cool to hear, thank you! :3

Also… I think these function names might have gotten mixed up?

Seems like the one on the left should have the “File by Extension” name…

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Hey Rama! I’ve been using your nodes for a long time! Amazing stuff. I’ve gone through my projects and replaced some of your nodes that have been added through time by Epic but the following are missing, it would be great to have a UE5 version!

Get all bones below bone
Insert child at
Widget get parent of class
Get static mesh vertex locations
Closest point of line segment
Load object from asset path
Rand Bool Bernoulli MT
Joy file IO get files
Joy File IO get files in root and all sub folders

Thanks for everything you do! Love from Italy.

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Hee hee, oops!

:heart: Thanks! :heart:

Thanks for the intel!

New build coming soon!

:zap: :sparkling_heart: :zap:

// Содержит ли делегат функцию?
UFUNCTION(Category="IVS|Check", BlueprintCallable, BlueprintCosmetic, Meta=(ExpandEnumAsExecs="Branches")) static void DelegateHasFunction(ETF& Branches, bool& Success, UObject* Target, FName Delegate/*("Rpl")*/,const FScriptDelegate* Function){
Success=Target? true: false;
auto P=FindFProperty<FMulticastDelegateProperty>(Target->GetClass(), Delegate);
Success=P? true: false;
Branches=Success? ETF::True_: ETF::False_;

Help checked delegate!
DelegateHasFunction and AddUniqueDelegate.

|Unrecognized type ‘FScriptDelegate’ - type must be a UCLASS, USTRUCT, UENUM, or global delegate

Спасибо, что поделились этим с нами!

Да будет сегодня дружба между всеми народами!

For compile error: / для ошибки компиляции:

#include "UObject/WeakObjectPtr.h"



Please create a similar function in your library, at the same time add my previous functions, they are working.
I can’t get it despite the library being interested in declaring a variable to connect a function to it with a red line.

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