🌞 Victory Plugin ~ Rama's Extra Blueprint Nodes for UE5, No C++ Required!

OMG RAMA!!! Have no words in the world to thank you!!!

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Hee heee!

Love and Joy to You tooo!

Have fun!

I have used this very color picker in my own :sparkling_heart: packaged games :sparkling_heart:, so I know it works!




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Hi… sorry for the offtopic, but I am curious. When seeing your theme color which tries its best to make my eyes bleed, I am just wondering if you suffer from some significant vision impairment, requiring you to configure your editor color theme this way, or if it’s just some sort of ■■■ infused preference? :slight_smile:

I am not trying to be a jerk. I am just genuinely curious why would anyone voluntarily undergo this degree of visual suffering.

(EDIT: Why the hell does this forum censor L S D? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:)

Lovely to hear from you again @Rawalanche !

I believe the experience you are currently having with my color theme is similar to what happens if you are in a cave for a long time with very little light, and then, after 15 years, if you just rush out into the Blazing Light of Day, it can be too much,

and the instinctive response perhaps is to think that the Light is Too Bright, rather than thinking that maybe your eyes have become too accustomed to dim places.

I believe this automatic response comes from the fact that when dealing with the realm of Perceptions, we tend to assume our perceptions are the correct and only way of perceiving, simply because they are the only set of perceptions we are experiencing, and therefore it is easy to assume that our perceptions are the only ones that even exist.

If you embrace the concept that perhaps there are Other Perceptions, and sets of perceptions that you are not currently having, that are also valid and good, and perhaps even :unicorn: wildly different :parrot: than your own, then you enter the realm of True Comprehension of just how vast and varied everyone’s experience of Life really is!

It is only when we encounter someone else’s choices that :zap: vary greatly :zap: from our own that we realize… they must be perceiving life very differently than us!

Then of course the question becomes, how do you systematically alter your perceptions toward the set of perceptions that are only the ones that you prefer?

Once you adapt to the :zap: :rose: Frequency Range of my Color Theme :rose: :zap: I do think you will realize that what you are currently experiencing will transition into “Wow, Instant Joy and Happiness every time I look at this color theme!”

Yes modern culture required many curious adjustments on our part in order to fit in, and modern culture just has not done a great job with Color in my opinion, notable exceptions are tye-dye shirts and Nature Herself.

I consider it to be my responsibility to help you Pre-Adapt to the :star2: Blazingly Intense Colors :star2: that are the guaranteed Future experience of all of us,

:star2: for so very many reasons :star2:

not the smallest of which is the fact that :star2: :rose: Bright Pure Colors :rose: :star2: really are Foundational Elements of Life Itself, and have great power to heal your body.


I am not contradicting my statement of supporting and encouraging variety of perceptions among all people, I am indicating that:

We will be having a :star2: :zap: Perception Convergence :zap: :star2: in the Near Future, that is already Ongoing…

Due to the changing physical nature of our Solar System!

The need for this convergence is already evident in your post and my reply, for communication among people, and mutual understanding (even if mutual respect is already there, :star2: true understanding :star2: would be even better) really should be easier than it currently is!

I think our exchange already makes it obvious that a Perception Convergence among people would facilitate not just mutual respect and appreciation, but also true resonance, harmony, and the ability for us both to use the same (or similar) color theme in our UE editors!


To put it simply, :rose: Friendship will be greatly facilitated :zap: by a global / solar-system-wide Perception Convergence.

Agreeing to disagree is one thing.

Finding it :rose: Easy to Agree as Friends :rose: who can :star2: easily :star2: understand each other’s perspective would be :rainbow: Waaaaay Better! :rainbow:


Fun Experiment

So I ask you (and anyone who reads this is welcome to try it too), is there any 1 or several colors that you do actually still enjoy, even when they are very bright?

Take a paint program maybe, and let me know what your absolute favorite very-bright colors are.

Color-Based Healing and Empowerment is Real

:tulip: Ask any Flower! :blossom:

:zap: :rose: :sparkling_heart: :rose: :zap:



Man, I really wish I could be the kind of person who experiences instant joy and happiness every time I look at that theme. Right now I experience a need to reach for a screwdriver I can shove right onto my eyeballs :smiley:

Anyway, I am just having a hard time reconciliating my confusion about someone who on the one hand supports the Unreal Engine community with so many great resources and pieces of code, but on the other hand has such… “unique” taste :slight_smile:

I mean, seeing how you approach the visual aspect of the Engine, I’d totally expect your C++ code to be totally unreadable to me, yet it’s actually quite fine. So it’s just this contradiction that I find so fascinating :slight_smile:

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You said the magic word @Rawalanche ! “Contradiction!”

Any time we are faced with an “apparent” contradiction (it looks smells and tastes like a contradiction, but maybe isn’t), that is a moment to dive into and research deeply.

The feeling of “contradiction” : “Wait… how can these two things coexist side by side in a person/situation/experience I am having?”

Is an almost-guranteed indicator that you are experiencing an Unusual Frequency Range (UFR) and if you explore the feeling of contradiction, and the elements that seem to contradict each other, in depth,

You will almost always find there is actually Another Realm, Another Dimension,

:star2: :zap: Another Angle of Analysis :zap: :star2:

where the seemingly contradictory elements are actually Perfectly In Harmony with each other, but the Connective Tissue of these elements was previously not within your “acclimated” perception range.

I am indicating that :zap: you and everyone are more than capable of basically anything :zap:,

it is just that we get into a Perception Range Groove (PRG) based on what life has expected of us so far,

and you can easily exit that groove and see New Angles on Life,

if you learn to enjoy apparant contradictions / that feeling, and discover where the Connective Tissue does actually exist.


:rose: :zap: Facilitating Perception Range Expansion :zap: :rose:

If you obtain Essential Oil of Lavender, you will find that Lavender activate the Human Pineal Gland, and will improve both :zap: Your Unreal Engine Development Cycle :zap: (faster programming, faster comprehension of bugs in the code, and the overall game experience) as well as making it easy for you to expand your perception range and handle frequencies and experiences that previously might have overloaded your system.

:rose: Yes, it is true, Flowers help me Code in UE C++. :rose:


The Awesome Power Of Unreal Engine

:zap: :zap: :zap: The Awesome Thing about Unreal Engine, :zap: :zap: :zap:

:rose: :rose: :rose: that I always appreciate every day, :rose: :rose: :rose:

is that the Ceiling of Potential of what I can create is basically non-existent,

:zap: If I can imagine it, I can create it, in Unreal Engine! :zap::sparkling_heart: Rama

Well :rainbow: Essential Oil of Lavender :rainbow: helps to restore your obviously Enormous Imagination,

by :zap: stimulating your Pineal Gland :zap:

You could mix a few drops of Essential Oil of Lavender in water, and drink it daily,

and then you will see your Unreal Engine Development Cycle become more and more fun, with faster results, cleaner code, and :rose: very happy players. :rose:

:tulip: :rose: :sparkling_heart: :rose: :tulip:


PS: Now you know the Truth, My Victory Plugin is :tulip: Flower-Powered UE C++ Code! :tulip:


SwitchByte (uint8 faster) SwitchWildcard please!

I’m trying to use functions Get pixels. Function “Get Pixel from T2D” doesn’t work at all, it always returns 0 by color and false as return value. Function “Get Pixels Array from T2D” crashes the editor.
Can anyone help understand how to use it.

:sparkling_heart: Welcome to the Unreal Engine Forums @darkflash007 !!!:sparkling_heart:

I have to say, that is one Sexy name you have!

Dark flash… trying to envision in our physical universe, what a Dark Flash would even look like…



What engine version are you using?

I have to test with the same engine version to be sure my solution will work for you!



Dear @Dreika

Can you please explain more what you mean?

What should the node do?

The more detailed you are, with mock up pictures and such, the better I can help

I prefer more words and media to less, to know exactly what you are trying to Achieve!



Thank you )
im using 5.0

Greetins @Rama ! I hope you’re doing well :slight_smile:

Is the victory plugin able to work with UE 5.1.0 (from Epic’s ue5-main branch?) Or is it still just UE5 EA right now?

Ya know I probably should have guessed that given the name of thread …

Hee hee!

Sorry I’ve been bouncing back and forth between my two Victory Plugin threads and forgot!

Can you send me a picture of the Texture2D Asset you are trying to get pixels from, particularly the compression?

You have to use a specific format, which does not compress the pixel data, otherwise it will never be the direct mapping you are expecting from your image editor, when viewing the pixel-level.

Any form of compression removes the 1:1 relationship / Lossless transition into UE you are probably hoping to achieve.

The comment on the node indicate this:

/** This will modify the original T2D to remove sRGB and change compression to VectorDisplacementMap to ensure accurate pixel reading. -Rama*/

This in particular → VectorDisplacementMap



Can you confirm you are using this format please?




Ya know for a second there I thought you were dialing in from a planet or dimension where UE5 has already been released…

If that IS the case, please take a picture so we can see what Life is like over where you are! … Please? :giraffe: I mean I give you all this free stuff, and all I want is a :tulip: picture :tulip: of what Life is like for you…

If however, you actually meant the git repo of UE5, no I do not yet have a git repo version, because a git repo is likely to change constantly and won’t work anyway.

But I assume if you are using the git repo, surely you must already know that it changes constantly, or… * everyone gasps who already comprehends where I am headed… or I didn’t read some Epic newsletter I was supposed to have read* Did Epic already lock down the git of UE5?

So there’s only two cases + a mysteriously possibly Magical 3rd:

  1. You really Are dialing in from another planet where UE5 5.1.0 Release is being used by a nearly-infinite number of Hyper-Intelligent Beautiful Goddesses making :zap: :zap: :zap: The Most Colorful Videos Games That Have Ever Existed. :zap: :zap: :zap:


  1. :star2: :zap: UE5 is about to be Released :zap: :star2: * Everyone starts clapping *


  1. Something Even Grander, but my electron field is struggling to grasp the Beauty of that that could possibly be…

:sparkling_heart: :unicorn: :sparkling_heart:


PS: I make it a habit to consider every case that could Ever Be, when I am programming in UE C++, so I can maximize the stability of my code in advance, and properly handle the whole variety of user inputs that could Ever Occur.

And I can’t think of ANY other cases given the inputs you have provided to me.

So that means :zap: :zap: :zap: SOMETHING AWESOME IS ABOUT TO HAPPEN :zap: :zap: :zap:

Because I Love all 3 cases I have presented to you!

Maybe @PresumptivePanda knows what this is all about…

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@Rama Ha, well, I don’t exactly have any insider information, but yes, I mean Epic’s GItHub. If you compile the latest ue5-main, it does indeed say 5.1.0 :slight_smile:

I’ve decided that we’re just going to wait for official UE 5.0 release (and for the plugins we’re using to be updated too) before upgrading our project, especially now, because you’re the second person I’ve heard from that Epic already being on 5.1.0 internally (since at least Jan. 22nd which is when I first downloaded it) means 5.0 could be very close to release now.

Yes. My case:


A picture is enough to understand the meaning.

Hi there @darkflash007 !!

I just tested and I do not have the crash you are experiencing, please see this pic:

Please try using my raw file:

  1. Load into Unreal Engine 5 EA
  2. Change to vector displacement map as you also showed in your own pic
  3. Create the node set up like you see I have
  4. You should get Blue as the color!

Please try the above and let me know what happens, with this file:




Sorry a wildcard switch case is a bit beyond my realm, why do you need such a thing?

I’ve never had a need for what you are describing, so I’d like to understand the larger context, and understand why a wildcard switch case is the solution you are in need of.

  1. Are you trying to handle multiple different data types in one switch case,

  2. or are you just not wanting to have to pick the specific switch case manually, and have the wild card pin do it for you?

  3. something else?



Thank Rama for victory plugin, very useful! Is possible to add runtime transform function(move,rotate scale)?