🌞 Victory Plugin ~ Rama's Extra Blueprint Nodes for UE5, No C++ Required!

Thank you all for the requests, this is exactly the info I was looking for, I will be doing this soon!

Thank you for explaining your solution for people migrating to UE5!



Victory Plugin Updated To EA 2

Hi there!

I’ve updated to EA 2 and added the requested nodes (except ServerTravel and the level streaming, will work on that soon!)

Create Process (woohoo!)

See original / top post for download link!



SwitchByte (uint8 faster) SwitchWildcard please!

Hello! I’ve been using your tool a lot in UE4 and it’s been fantastic! Me and my team are considering taking the jump to UE5, our early tests have been really successful and cut down our render times a lot. We’re making an animated series and have been trying to optimise our editor pipeline as much as possible.

I’ve used the “Victory Create Proc”, “Has Substring” and “Get Names of All Loaded Levels” nodes a few times for various pipeline tools in UE4. Would it be possible for you to get these brought over into UE5? That would be incredible! “Has Substring” is probably the lowest priority one overall but would still be handy to have.

Thank you so much from myself and my team. Your work has been an incredible help for us so far!

Hi Rama, we are using heavily the Pixel nodes, do you have any plans to enable them in the UE5? We would be very thankful for that. Thanks a lot.

I would love to have the load/save, string/string array to disk nodes!

@Rama. First your plugin is great, it solved a few things for me.
But why not migrate everything to UE5? Why select only a few of them?
To migrate my project to UE5 I would personnally need :

  • the sort node that was under utilities->Array
  • Save game object get all save slot file names
  • the file IO nodes

Thx for your work

Hi @Rama ,
First of all, thanks for putting the effort, this is awesome.
Second, I am having this issue when trying to package my game after installing your plugin in UE5.

UATHelper: Packaging (Windows): ERROR: Expecting to find a type to be declared in a module rules named ‘VictoryBPLibrary’ in UE5Rules, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=null. This type must derive from the ‘ModuleRules’ type defined by Unreal Build Tool.

Can someone help, please?

Nevermind, I’ve managed to solve the issue following the steps in this thread below.
For anyone interested:

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The File IO Save String Array to File would be nice


Love the plugin, any chance the Viewport Set Mouse Position will return?

Thx :slight_smile:

Hi Rama, I finally have time and opportunity to join all the other people in thanking you very much for this awesome plugin. Great work!

For my application it would be very useful to have things like Get Actor Relative Location/Rotation and string functionality (Load String Array from File, String Combine Strings, etc.) working in UE5.


Hi Rama, The downloadlink is outdated can you update it? Thanks.

Thank you for sharing your solution!

Dear Lovely Victory Plugin Users,

Sorry about my delay in replying to everyone

I see all of your requested nodes and will add them as soon as I can.

The answer as to why I don’t import everything is simply that I have to handle the includes differently in UE5 and so it is easier for me to add everything as needed rather than go through a very long compiling process.

I am also personally curious which nodes everyone has been using, and I am enjoying your feedback very much

I will be back soon!

:sparkling_heart: Love and Joy to You! :sparkling_heart:

And Happy New Year!

2022 is going to be the Most Fun Year For All Of Us

Especially as we keep making :rose: colorful :star2: and fun games to inspire others!

:zap: Did you know :rainbow:

that when you make other people happy, as they play your game

in addition to money

:star2: You gain in happiness just because you made your players so happy? :star2:

It’s true!

:rose: So let’s keep inspiring the world everyone! :zap:

And I will do an update as soon as I can!



Rama, I don’t use any of your plugins, but I enjoy that you make the world a little bit better with your positive attitude in every post. Without any hate and quarrels. Thank you for that and keep bringing :heart: to the people!

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@pladux Hee hee, thank you for the Lovely Message!

Positive Attitude + :heart: to the people = :zap: Victory! :rose:



PS: I am doing a new UE5 plugin version right now!

New Victory Plugin 5 Update!

Dear :zap: Awesome :sparkling_heart: UE Community, :sparkling_heart:

:unicorn: I’ve added the requested nodes! :unicorn:

Please do let me know if you have other requests!

Part of the reason I am doing this sort of interview process is also to trim the plugin, getting rid of nodes ppl were not using so as to make the plugin a more streamlined complimentary :rose: Rama Gift to You All. :rose:



PS: The :rainbow: Joyful Colors :star2: version of UE5 UI doesn’t come with the plugin, but I could upload my UI Color file if you like!

Download Link Here:

:star2: Get Text From Any :racehorse: :dash: Running .EXE on Your Computer! :sparkling_heart:

URamaVictoryPluginCreateProcessPipe Object :zap: is Born! :zap:

:zap: Below is a picture of me capturing the output of a .exe on my computer, a video compression tool, HandBrake! :zap:

The output of STDOUT of the .exe is coming directly into UE4, :rose: using only Blueprints! :rose:

I’ve made a new version of the Victory Plugin ( 4.27 (win32, win64 only) in original post ) !

This new version allows you to create a :rose: Very Special :rose: URamaVictoryPluginCreateProcessPipe to capture your Process output, if the Process is outputting to STDOUT (console window) or STDERR

  1. Construct the RamaVictoryPluginCreateProcessPipe object

  2. Pass it into VictoryCreateProc

  3. Call ReadFromPipe on the object periodically to get updates from your process

  4. When done, please call ClosePipe on the object, and null the reference to the object (I call ClosePipe inside of object BeginDestroy, but might as well :zap: take initiative :zap: yourself and close the actual OS pipe yourself immediately, rather than waiting for Garbage Collection)

Relevant UE4 C++ Code


	Made With Love By Rama for Use with @VictoryCreateProc
	So that you can receive feedback from your processes.
class URamaVictoryPluginCreateProcessPipe : public UObject
	UFUNCTION(BlueprintCallable, Category = "Joy Flow")
	bool CreatePipe();
	UFUNCTION(BlueprintCallable, Category = "Joy Flow")
	void ClosePipe();
		This has exec pins because it is an expensive action and the output is saved/cached on the output pin, whereas a Pure node would repeat the action many times, each time node is accessed.
		@Return false if the pipes were not created yet
		♥ Rama 
	UFUNCTION(BlueprintCallable, Category = "Joy Flow")
	bool ReadFromPipe(FString& PipeContents);
	UFUNCTION(BlueprintPure, Category = "Joy Flow")
	bool PipeIsValid();
	void* ReadPipe = nullptr;
	void* WritePipe = nullptr;
	virtual void BeginDestroy() override;


bool URamaVictoryPluginCreateProcessPipe::CreatePipe()
		//Ignore repeat creates without a close inbetween <3 Rama
		return true;
	return FPlatformProcess::CreatePipe( ReadPipe, WritePipe );
void URamaVictoryPluginCreateProcessPipe::ClosePipe()
		FPlatformProcess::ClosePipe(ReadPipe, WritePipe);
		ReadPipe = nullptr;
		WritePipe = nullptr;
bool URamaVictoryPluginCreateProcessPipe::ReadFromPipe(FString& PipeContents)
	PipeContents = "";
		return false;
	PipeContents = FPlatformProcess::ReadPipe(ReadPipe);
	return true;
bool URamaVictoryPluginCreateProcessPipe::PipeIsValid()
	return ReadPipe != nullptr && WritePipe != nullptr;

void URamaVictoryPluginCreateProcessPipe::BeginDestroy()
	//Close pipe if it was still open! ♥ Rama



Hi Rama!! Can you help me with the UMG Color wheel for UE5? It is not visible in UMG. Is the color wheel not working or available or how to install it properly?