Very vital Tool-Tip missing(misleading) for CLOTH workflow!


**TL;DR - **The tool-tip and the name of the parameter “Paint Value” in Cloth Paint in Skeletal Mesh are SUPER misleading and non-intuitive. (Pic.1)

Long story:
I must say, I lost a couple of years neglecting a very powerful feature of Unreal, because of this misleading UI overlook. I couldn’t correctly use the Cloth feature because I couldn’t figure out the right workflow.

As you know(and now I also know it), “Paint Value” parameter in Cloth Paint lets you paint “maximum allowed vertex offset distance” for the cloth to simulate. Yet, the name “Paint Value” says nothing of the sorts! Also, the tooltip is useless: “Value to paint onto the mesh for this parameter.”. This is very obscure!

The default value for “Paint Value” is “100”, which implies, along with a vague tool-tip and a white/black visual feedback, a “percent” system. Where, you go from “0%”, to “100%”. As we know, many programs(along with UE!) work like this. They imply a “percent” value, or a boolean value of 0 and 1, and don’t inform you of it. In this scenario, I was expecting similar conditions.

Now, I’ve spent much time reading and watching tutorials on cloth. On youtube, for example, a lot of people in the comments seem to have the same issue that I - they don’t understand how the parameter work, and paint wrong values makes their simulations go wrong. The most horrid part - that the ONLY way to learn how to use the parameter correctly, is to VERY carefully read the official UE documentation, where there is a SINGLE place, where the right workflow for using the Cloth Paint Brush is described (Pic.2). That place is incredibly easy to miss or fast-read through, without getting the right idea.

I know this is a small request, but I think that if you rename the “Paint Value” into something like “Max World Offset” and make a more robust description - a lot of people who are learning UE will be saved. It took me countless times and hours trying to figure out this system. I’ve tried working with cloth since version 4.19, kept coming back to it, and failing. All because of a misleading parameter name and description.

Thank you who read this. Maybe, if not changing Unreal, perhaps this post will save some1 a lot of nerves and work hours…