VERY strange behavior related to "branch"... Dumbfounded -- Video included



Basically, when I hit a keybind, it spawns the hologram, sets “shouldspawn” to true, which allows it to go through to “Update Hologram Position”. This should attach the hologram to where the player looks.

If the tick goes through the true branch, it doesn’t work.

If the tick goes through the false branch, it works perfectly. But how is this possible if “Update Hologram” isn’t being called??

Now, you would think it would work fine if there is no branch at all, right? Nope. Doesn’t work. This code ONLY works through the branch, and ONLY in false.

I am utterly dumbfounded. Any ideas?

On an unrelated note… Is there a way to set my possessed character in the “debug filter” by default? It’s very annoying having to switch to it every time I hit play.

EDIT: So, does event tick not work the same way when doing network stuff?

I binded the “Update Hologram” to the “j” key, and it works just as it should… I can spam the key as fast as possible and it work perfectly. So I thought maybe event tick was too fast for network things… Delay doesn’t help.