Very Simple Team Setup In Blueprint?

i have been searching this up and have found a few links that ware what i am looking, but not entirely.
What i would like to have is a simple system, where if there are 2 players in the game, then it will separate them onto two different teams, and if there are 4 players in the game, it will separate them into 2 teams with each 2 players on them. Also maybe is it possible to setup something so that i can have a player press a key and it will change their team?

**Would anyone happen to know how i could set this up? **

After following some other posts (linked below) that helped me with this, here is what i have just tried in my ‘Character’ Blueprint but am unsuccessful. Currently i have destroy actor there so i can tell which ones are team a or b easily but i would like to possible change this so maybe their skeletal mesh colour was different? (could i do this without having to duplicate the skeletal mesh?)

Here are the posts that helped, but i am struggling to follow them.

To easily change the character color, just look at the second tutorial in this e-book. Sorry I can’t help on the rest.