VERY simple issue regarding a key event not looping camera shake

I’m very new to using Blueprint and tried to find a solution to this elsewhere on the web and the forums, but I can’t figure out what is probably an idiotically simple solution to my problem.

I’m trying to make a basic, looping camera shake while I move my player controller forward by pressing and holding “w”. I have my camera shake blueprint set up (with single instance UNchecked) but I can not get this camera shake to loop while “w” is pressed down. It will very briefly play when I first press “w” but does not loop afterwards. I’ve included screens of my camera shake blueprint defaults and the section of my player blueprint where I’m handling the camera shake.

Anybody mind helping a nooby out? I realize this is about as simple as it gets.

Got to figure out a way to loop it as this code will only call it once.

I am not sure this would work, but try when Press W, a BOOL is set to yes. Then run a branch and check against the BOOL. If Bool is yes, then loop.

Set up that is you release W, then the BOOL is set to No and that should break the Loop.

Example here loops until there is More than 20 in the value.



Thanks, Narg! This definitely helped point me in the right direction. This attached pic is the blueprint I ultimately arrived at that worked.

I first attempted to replicate your method almost exactly, but got an error telling me that there was an infinite loop. Using an event tick fixed the issue as it, to my understanding, checks the condition at regular intervals for either true or false.