Very serious problem with OSVR..

I have OSVR 1.4. And I was used to develop and play unreal apps with OSVR. But now it is completely broken.

OSVR server is ok, but when I turn up OSVR plugin in UE4, everything is crashed. Keyboard/Mouse are jammed that nothing is functional. Even OS is broken. I can’t even restart my computer without force reboot.

Why does these happen? I raked OSVR log but it seems successful and fine.

Maybe this is a critical bug between plugins and device…?

I’m trying to resolve this but still don’t know why…

Hey Oddman621,

Do you have any logs that you might be able to post so that we can have a look at why this is happening? Without any logs, it is almost impossible to tell you what could be happening.

I fixed it. It was not that problem, and I can’t even get the log that keyboard and mouse don’t work and Windows 10 goes broken when executing the server.

The problem is XBOX pad. There was a crash between OSVR and the pad. After disconnect the pad, OSVR server and everything works fine.

I don’t know about XBOX “ONE” pad, but “360” pad definitly has a problem with OSVR.

Be careful guys. I’m gonna report this.