Very odd "Hit" things are going on...

Right, so I’m trying to set up this simple system: Player looks around, uses LineTraceByChannel to cast out some line, whatever’s directly in center is hit by the trace; end goal is to be able to basically “click on” three buttons, which I just set up three triggers for so there’s collision with the trace. And… uh… they’re not hitting 'em. And they’re also hitting them. While not hitting them. You might be able to guess that I’m confused as ****** about this.

  1. From the player side (the line trace in the Character blueprint), everything looks and seems to work normal. I turned on the little “show me the line” button, and the trace is working like a charm. Hit’s all the three triggers (which I set the collision for each to “BlockAll” to make sure I get the Hits). In fact, I even set up something after the trace, so if there’s a return value (basically did I hit something?) then it even prints “Hit!” on screen. Everything’s working fine there.

  2. Then I go into the level blueprint, and pull up an OnActorHit event for the first button, leading directly to another print saying “Hit confirmed!” Should work right? Trace goes out, hits the trigger (which is Blocking All and is set so Simulation does Hit events), and I should get two messages, one from the player saying I hit something, and another from the level blueprint saying it confirmed the hit. Except… it didn’t. Nothing works level blueprint-side with the hit - it’s not detecting it was hit at all.

Any help?

Helpful photos, courtesy of me:

Well guys, I guess I just averted the problem altogether by using the Hit results from the player’s line trace, and just checking for the names of each trigger and seeing which matches up, and then just doing it from the player’s end. So… solved?

Pictures just for anyone who’s ever in a similar predicament:

Yeah, that’s how traces work, they don’t trigger hit events in the object they “hit”. It may sound a little backwards I guess, but the trace isn’t an object that can hit something else, it’s more like a test, to see if something would collide on the given path.