Very noob question for 3ds max noob

Hello, I need to collaborate on a project where I’m supposed to make models (with textures and materials and maps) and import them in Unreal Engine.

From my little UE experience I can’t use materials I create in 3ds max and different renders as they will look differently in UE.

So my question is, how do I proceed?

Do I make models in 3ds, unwrap them, make the texture, import the fbx and texture into UE->apply the material on the model-> apply the texture?

I’m sure the question have been answered by I have seen very different answers so I have no idea, what’s the consensus.

In 3ds Max you can use Standard material type and as long as your images are in supported formats and with dimensions that are a power of 2 then they can import with the model.
You would still unwrap UV’s in 3ds Max and texture before sending to UE4.

To get a better idea of what it will look like in UE4 you can use texturing programs like Marmoset, Substance, or Quixel Suite