Very Newby Question on How to shoot a ball in the direction of the actor

Hello, I know this is an extremely newbie question and I apologize for asking it, as I haven’t found the most direct answers without maybe having to watch ours of tutorials to get there. All I want to do is this: Use a third person blue print character from the premade templates and to have the user press a button resulting in shooting of a ball or any mesh in the forward direction that the character is facing. I know this appears to be simple, but I am having no success. I try to generate and object using one of the spawn functions and then have it move forward, but most times the objects just stand still or move in the world x direction only, and not that of a player. Anyway, if someone could possibly show me a very simple straightforward way of doing to that would be amazing. Thanks.

check this post please. U shall find it useful

It doesn’t seem to be working for me. I did see that link before I posted here. I am not sure if it has anything to do with the perspective of topdown vs fps/tps. I am getting an error asking what the controller is also. Its the player itself, so I don’t understand why it wants that.