Very new and need help!

Ok so I have been watching other videos and browsing the forums trying to learn stuff. I just got UE4 the other day and saw on a forum post somebody had taken all of the materials and props out of the demo videos. They did this of course to use in their own worlds. I tried moving the files over and such, which worked for props. When I would try to texture a prop I would lose that texture. So take the snow or (ice) for example. I want to be able to use it to cover mountain tops but have no idea how to go about it since I lose the texture as soon as I try to move it over let alone get it to where I can paint with it. Any help would be amazing and don’t be afraid to break it down really simple lmao. Thanks!!!

[Edit] Same goes with trees I could take the actual tree but it was just a gray and blocky tree without the ability to apply a texture as with all foliage

Ok so I figured out my own problem for the most part -.- Use the migration tool :stuck_out_tongue: its their for a reason lmao!!!

Howdy Miyyaa,

Glad to see you have found out what the issue was when you where taking our textures. If you ever have an questions about the Engine and you fail to get a hasty response here, you could always post on our AnswerHub at Never-the-less, I am very glad to hear you found a solution.

Have a great day!