Very low shadow quality after starting ShooterGame or rebuilding DerivedDataCache

We use ShooterGame as an example and downloaded the latest 4.5 version from the Launcher. After starting it the character shadow quality in ShooterGame and in our game went down very noticeably. The problem was gone in our game if we deleted the Saved folders. The same problems happened when we run the DerivedDataCache commandlet and I think also when ShaderCompiler is instanced.

The problem seems to have been fixed when we updated the config and project files for ShooterGame to the same ini values as the ThirdPerson code template.

We think this is is some kind of project setting or ini setting that is different for ShooterGame and also for some of the Commandlets, and that is then re-used for our game project.

Hello Markus Arvidsson,

Were you attempting to load some saved folders from and older version of the ShooterGame? If so, this will definitely cause errors because the dependencies of the saved games are gone and you are attempting to reference them within a new version of the engine. So in other words, the saved files changed the original default .ini config files and caused your new ones to not function properly. Hope this helps clarify!

Thank you,

I can not verify this anymore since we have updated our local copy of ShooterGame to have similar ini-settings and project settings as the 4.5 ThirdPerson-template. But the whole thing took me a while to fix and track down and during that time I used various merge and diff tools and I remember our local copy to be the same as the ones I downloaded from the launcher. I usually download the new version of sample projects from the launcher and then copy them to our root directory.

I am certain we used 4.5 ShooterGame. And this problem showed up in both our game and ShooterGame after ShooterGame had been launched once.

So you download say the 4.5 version of shooter game and copy it into your 4.4 root directory? or You download the new version of shooter game and copy it into your root directory of 4.5. If you have downloaded the newest version of a game and have not yet created a project for that version and attempt to copy the files, you will be copying the old files and then causing some issues there as well.

I am sorry but I really don’t understand what is unclear. I said at the first post that I used ShooterGame 4.5 and I think that (strongly?) implies that I used it with engine version 4.5 and not 4.4?

I have already explained the problem we found and how we fixed it in the first post. If you can’t reproduce it or find any problem with it then let me know, but there is no point asking me questions about if I copied what version and if my saved directory was old since I already said that was not the case.

The problem happened over and over also with cleared Saved folders until I changed ShooterGame 4.5 to have the same ini and project settings as the Third Person template.

I would not have asked the question if I knew what you were talking about. I simply asked for clarification, but I apologize for the redundancy. I attempted to reproduce your issue on my end and with no success. The hotfix (4.5.1) could have resolved this as well.