Very low lighting from lights

I just created a new model in 4.24 and downloaded the new 3DS 4.24 exporter. All of the lights that are coming into my scene are extremely dim. There is only a faint glow around them. I’ve tried adjusting the IES intensity and the light intensity but none of that seems to really affect the output. Is there a new setting that I am missing?

Hey DMHokie, same for me… Don´t know whats wrong. Lights are working as expected in game template but not in archviz template… SunSky actor works but spot- and point lights veeery dim.

Guess i found the reason. Check the exposure settings and sunlight brightness!

Correct, the Sun in the Archviz template is emitting ~75 000 lux, which is fairly reasonable for exterior. As a result, the exposure is set to an EV100 of ~14, which is also reasonable if you follow the Sunny 16 rule

If your artificial lights are created with a very low physicaly value, they won’t be “seen” under a EV 14 value.