[VERY IMPORTANT] Set movement with Lakento VR googles.

Hi guys!

I’m inside of a university project which is very important for me, everything is done but I want to implement the technology of the VR googles, I will use the Lakento’s one as it has two controllers to use.
I must deliver the project on Monday, and I just need to set the movement with Lakento VR, my knowledge with blueprints is too short, but I will do whatever I can to make it real.
I was thinking that should be something like this: “When the player touches the screen of the phone he will move just in one coordinate axis, and the direction will be the direction of the phone, if you scroll the phone to the right/left he will move on that way”.

I can imagine it has to be done with some “Touch” blueprint, I was looking everywhere for a tutorial and I did not find anything… As this is my last resource, i decided to post in this amazing forum composed by thousands of great developers, trying to find a solution, I’m not asking You “Make for me the blueprint”, just some help and clues to go into the right direction… Well, if you are able to help me with the blueprint, You are over welcomed haha x)

Thanks in advance to all the people, even if you just took 2 min of your life to read my problem.

Best regards.