Very annoying video card error

An error that happens when starting Unreal Engine 4 “A feature level 5 video card is required to run the editor”. I know it’s about my board being a little weak, but, man, it’s very, very, very annoying this business that epic puts, I prefer to run harder than not to run, have some method for me to fix the error without swapping the video card? Please tell if you know.

If your video card is incompatible then it’s too low powered to work anyway.

Darthviper107, I know, but how do I solve this? There is a way?

I have the same issue, currently installing an older version of UE4 (4.18.3) as I found that was the last version to use Feature Level 4 graphics cards… This has been an extremely annoying situation as I JUST BOUGHT my new graphics card and got it yesterday… Installed just to get that annoying prompt… Previously, my graphics card was 100% incompatible, and finally fixed that just to have another issue… Extremely angry over this crap…

You’re angry because 10 year old components don’t work with cutting edge software?