Vertex snap in only one axis direction?

I was wondering if there is way to snap object to another vertex, but only in one specific axis? I have tried to do this by holding V and one of the move tool’s axis arrow, but snap to vertices do appear, but snapping does not happen. I can snap using all 3 axis by hold dragging the middle center of move tool’s gizmo. This kind of snapping is so common in Max and Maya, but apparently not possible in UE?

no answers? I have the same question

Instead of using vertex snapping you should build all of your assets on the same scale.

What’s that mean?
That means that all verticis will eventually line up correctly if you remove decimals from the object location (or match them) and move the object about the scene using the same snap value.

Modular Marketplace assets call for a a base 10.
So having your snap set at 10, you should be able to just move object around and have them snap provided their location values share the same decimal value.

For irregular assets or bad marketplace products the snap system doesn’t help much.

Thanks for the suggested workaround Most, but as you said this doesn’t help when you don’t have control over the pipeline.

Actually, I have tried again and now seems to snap, it is just extremely confusing to “aim” with the pointer transformed in the “moving hand”. Also, it is so easy to snap to another vertex when there are lots of objects that it seems not to be practical.

I guess this is the reason why it seems to be broken.