Vertex Painting Not Working on a few parts?

I am vertex painting a mesh and the brush disappears on a few spots, most notably corners. Here is a picture showing an example of a spot that it won’t let me paint on.


I can paint around it, but the brush disappears when I get near those vertices. This is one large mesh (the building and the door frames are one mesh), does vertex painting not work well with large objects?

It doesn’t work well full stop at the moment, the brush disappears for me as soon as I start painting which is infinitely frustrating. It’s quite buggy and counter-intuitive right now.

Ok so vertex paint is broken as of now?

I second that. It does work, but it is not great.

And if anyone from Epic is reading this: Can you please restore the painting behavior to how it has been since the tool was first introduced? The current paint behavior breaks entirely with the original way of doing it + other maps of the editor (foliage, landscape), and it is frustrating to use IMO.