Version 4.24 Network and GPU issues (versus 4.22)


I just have a new PC so I decided to finaly migrate Engine to 4.24.3 from 4.22.3 (I builded it from source). Then I succed migrate my project that was created in 4.22.3.

But I have some issue in 4.24.3:

First my project, when I play in Editor take a lot of time to start and possess Characters (about 40 sec) versus practically instant in 4.22.3 when I start it with the option dedicated server. Furthemore I notice latency, in mouvement for example.

I think it is related to this problem :

But I do not use steam system neither any plugins.

Furthemore, I see, for the same project, that the GPU is a lot more use in 4.24.3 than in 4.22.3…

Here some video capture to show you my problem:

Play in 4.22 Editor :

Play in 4.24 Editor:

Any idea that can help me ?

Thanks a lot.