Velocity on my MovementComponent does nothing


I write my own MovementComponent and I have a little problem with it.
I have a PlayerAvatar which inherit from APawn. PlayerAvatar create an AvatarMovementComponent (which inherit from UPawnMovementComponent) and keep it as a properties:

    UPROPERTY(VisibleAnywhere, BlueprintReadOnly, Category = MyPawn)
    UAvatarMovementComponent* _movementComponent;

This component tick so i’m pretty sure i had correctly created it. In this class (AvatarMovementComponent), i change Velocity to make my own gravity but the problem is that the Velocity is constantly growing and does nothing in game.
I thought that maybe I forget to activate the physic on the object and tried SetSimulatePhysics(true) in PlayerAvatar and it activated the built-in gravity on my object but Velocity was still unused. What am I missing?


Velocity isn’t applied by default, you have to do that yourself.

	/** Update ComponentVelocity of UpdatedComponent. This needs to be called by derived classes at the end of an update whenever Velocity has changed.	 */
	virtual void UpdateComponentVelocity();


The weird thing is that i call this function each tick just after updated Velocity… I also found that AddMovementInput doesn’t work either. Maybe these two problems are linked together…

I tried to use setLinearVelocity to the capsuleComponent which is set to the UpdatedComponent of my movementComponent… and it works :confused: So maybe i forgot something at the initialization?