Vehicles - why is it so unnecisarilly difficult to import vehicles into Unreal?

I don’t actually have any problems getting 4-wheeled vehicles into Unreal. I used to. It took me weeks of watching others who wouldn’t explain and examining Epic’s own demos – also with very little explanation. After I figured it out, I made tutorials for Maya and Blender users. The question isn’t a how to. It’s a “Why though?”

I’ve never used an engine where it was this freaking difficult to get a vehicle imported. Even back in the UDK days, I don’t recall it being this dumb. And like I said the documentation isn’t very clear. The vehicle body has to be aligned with the X axis as forward AND it MUST have a baked rotation of -90 degrees in the X axis. The wheels MUST have 0 rotations, be parented to the car body AND be aligned with the X axis. Bear in mind that this also all has to be done in Local/Object orientation. To paraphrase Joker “Why so specific, son?”

I mean, yeah, once you get used to it, it’s alright but it certainly is NOT intuitive. I get asked about 3-5 times a month the same darn question to which I reply “I didn’t build the f-ing thing” – thanks Reece.

So, I’ve decided to ask it here. “Why so specific?”

Honestly, I can’t think of a reason for why it doesn’t just scan the wheel shape and apply the appropriate collision trace. This whole parent this to that while baking rotations diagonally left inside out, is unnecessary.