Vehicles: strife left and right?

How would you override the searing on a vehicle so you could strife left and right?
IE: Like the robot cargo carriers in the movie I-Robot.

I think a left and right strife would fit better than having my vehicles do barrel rolls.

Can it be done with blueprints or do I have to edit the c+ code?

Look in your Game settings. There’s a panel for input.

I have my inputs setup already.

I have my inputs setup already.
A and D is for normal searing left and right.
W and S is for forward and back.
Q and E is for strife left and right.

I’m using the Vehicle class BP.

I can go forward and back, but I can’t turn because all the wheels are all turning the wrong direction: The 2 wheels on the right turn right and the 2 wheels on the left turn left when I press D. Note: D has an axis value of 1.

What value should I be looking at correct and modify ?

Make sure you set the steering angle to 0 on your rear wheel blueprint, otherwise all 4 wheels will turn when you give steering input, unless you want that.

I am not quite sure what you are looking for, if you want the wheels to be able to turn so the vehicle moves sideways, you could try increasing the steering angle to 90 for both the the front and the rear wheels, so they go sideways when you steer fully to the left or right and push the throttle. Is that what you mean?

EDIT: If that is the case, multiply your regular steering axis values (A & D) by 0.75 before connecting to Set Steering Input, will prevent the wheels from turning 90 degrees while steering. Then for your Q and E just use the full axis value to set the steering input.

That make sense? I can upload an image of what I mean.

I think Tontow means something like : The Amazing AIRTRAX Omni-Directional Wheels - YouTube

And it is not possible with the vehicle movement system we have in blueprints right now, as far as i know.

However, if you mean normal forklift steering then follow 's suggestion and set every wheel’s angle to 90.

Here is a screen of the problem that I’m having.

The steering angle wont take negative values and I didn’t see an invert steering option in the defaults.

Edit: In case it is hard to see the:
Front right is pointing right,
Front Left is pointing left,
Back right is pointing right,
Back Left is pointing left.

Its cross legged. O.o

Make sure your D value is 1, and your A value is -1 in the inputs, if that is how you have it set, reverse them so A = 1 D = -1 to make them turn the opposite direction. (in the project settings Inputs section)

I’m after a combination of both as it would be idea for an advance 4 wheel drive rock climber.

Those are the settings that I’m using in the first place.

Hey! I figured it out. Set the front wheels’ angle to 90 and rear wheels to 270, then set Ackermann Accuracy to 0 in vehicle BP defaults options. And make sure it is a 4 wheel drive, Front Rear Split to 0.5. Rear wheels will look weird when you steer but it moves left and right like that forklift in the video. You can use as a workaround for now at least.

I figured out why my where acting so weird by tacking the Vehicle Game example from the market place and breaking it.

It turns out that the wheel array in the Vehicle BP assumes that your going to assign the wheels starting from front left to back right.
IE: Element 0 needs to be the Front Left Wheel, Element 1 needs to be the Front Right Wheel, Element 2 needs to be the Back Left Wheel, Element 3 needs to be the Back Left Wheel. (At least I think that that is the required order.)

rather important bit of information is not found anywhere in the documentation or tutorials.

Can we please have someone amend the the document when they get a ?

Interesting, thank you.

Thanks for the tip :slight_smile:

I was also stuck on why both of my wheels were turning .Then I came across your post after much googling. I wish Epic would include important piece of info on their video or html documentation.