Vehicle Scratch

Hi !

I’m working on a vehicle game and i was curious to know if it’s possible to create scratches on my car ( Maybe in my Material) .

i thought that it’s the same way to create it than this one : UDK - Shield Effect - YouTube

Maybe i can use decals but i don’t know if it’s the best way about optimisation

Thank you :slight_smile:

I think decals would be the easiest, or swapping out the material.

You probably want to look into tutorials about weapon decals (bullet impacts), for instance Tesla Dev covered those in one of his videos.

I’ll try to create my own system with decal
Thank you and i’ll post my result

Per default decals are only visible in light rays, not in shadows. Related post Decal on a Static Mesh? Pawn - Rendering - Unreal Engine Forums

You can enable dbuffer decals in Project Settings > Rendering if you dont get the desired result with default decals.

Ohh nice thank you !
But i have an other problem :confused:

i can’t get the EvenHit between my car and somethink else than a projectile ?

thank you

Hi again !

Also i resolve the problem : I found a CheckBox in my PhysicAsset which said : Simulation Generates Hit Events

Then spawn your Decal :

And That’s it :

wow thank you!


Hey, do you think you can upload the project you build? Thanks