Vehicle disappears when close to edge + setting up ways of getting in and out of it

  1. Vehicle disappears to close to edge.
    Driving the vehicle on a max map (I think) 255x255, 8161x8161 and so on and tried to scale to that.

Driving in vehicle then all of sudden this happens. Vehicle is gone and can’t move.

  1. enter/exit vehicles
    Is there a way of setting up “f” as entering vehicle then “f” again to exit vehicle? Players will spawn in without a vehicle and might find them scattered around the map.

Does this tutorial show how to set-up something like this where you can enter/exit vehicle? Watched the main tutorials and now just this one.

— Any tutorials I should check out to learn about these problems?

Hi Wick,

The issue you’re seeing here is that you are hitting the world bounds edge that is setup by default. You can disable this by going to the World Settings panel and disabling the “Enable World Bounds Check” to allow you to move beyond this area.

This may or may not have an impact on your performance, I am not entirely sure as I’ve not used worlds this large in the engine before. I’d imagine using culling and LODs for your models would keep everything in check for optimization.

Thank you!


Thanks for the help again. I hit 13.8 GBs of ram used yesterday. My CPU is the one getting ripped apart. I’ve hit 100% many times especially when adding in large areas.

That video you sent me helped me out and also Googled around and good to go

Do you happen to know on the enter/exit vehicle in a free roam world? It’s in the video Q&A, but is there a way of still doing it? Just some terms to get started on what I’m trying to do so I can go research it?

Hi Wick,

I’m not sure where in the video the question was that was asked. (If you know I’ll give it a listen).

You can definitely enter and exit vehicles in an open world. You would need to setup the playable character for that though. A quick search on YouTube shows a user doing this. There aren’t any animations for the transition but you can definitely do this.

This can all be done in blueprints once you have your character setup as well. You would need to setup an event that when you pressed a key when near the vehicle it would give you the option to enter or exit. It shouldn’t be that complicated to setup switching.