Vehicle and ragdoll collision

Hello All And ThankYou!, Im Having A bit of a hangup In my Blueprint Setup. My Vehicle Seems To Not Set off My Character Ragdoll At high Speeds. Its simply an advanced vehicle blueprint, with a third person blueprint combined. Its set so that when the vehicle collides with the character, the characters collision capsule on overlap sets off its ragdoll,

What Ive Tried In Order

  1. Sizing the capsule up.(No Result)
  2. Adding Box collsion to front of vehicle (NoResult)
  3. Creating a seperate Ragdoll Capsule(No Result)
  4. Set World Time Dilation Lower For debug Purposes. (With Result: Fully Works As intended, But In Slow Time)
  5. Set Vehicle Rpm Lower Approx.1200 (Works Most Of The Time At Slower Speed)

Slowing time or speed fixes or helps the issue, It Seems As If The Vehicle is Traveling through the capsule before it has a chance to calculate the collision for Ragdoll, and the vehicle ends up hitting the character and stopping before the character ever ragdolls.
Thankyou For Any and All Input Have A Great Day,