Vehicle and camera not showing when starting new level

Hi All

I’m sure this is very easy but i’ve looked everywhere and cant find a solution.

I’ve started the blueprint advance vehicle map which shows a default map with a track and car and cameras. But when i start a new default level the vehicle and cameras are not displayed. I was hoping to adjust the camera in the car for each level but they r not showing up.
I’m sure this is easy its that i’m just starting out and i’ve found most tutorials for everything i need but this.


Hey . When starting a new level you have the option of default or blank. Blank level has absolutely nothing. Perfect for building your level completely from scratch. The default has only basic directional light, skybox, player start. You will have to add the car and cameras from the content folder that loaded into the project files based on the content you wanted pre-loaded when creating your project. That first level that loads is simply an example that uses the the content in that package.