Vegetation tool - Rollout Lock


Not sure if this has been requested or not.
Can we please have a way to lock the vegetation roll out?

Effectively you have to go through everything and click hide details.
When you press ctrl-z after applying vegetation, everything expands again.

If you go change a light and you go back to vegetation… everything is expanded again.
This really kills workflow. Especially if you have a large list of vegetation objects. Then you are forced to first scroll through all of them and hide their details…

Last request
Ability to not have the thumbnail displayed.
This thumbnail is increasing the list size exponentially as its 80 pixels wide as oppose to 11 - 15 depending on font size.
In other words.
Something more compact.

Like the example
The difference makes a pretty huge impact on work flow. Having visibility on 11 assets as opposed to 6.
The eye can basicly expand it to the more elaborate settings gui



Thanks for reading.

In the latest version it is already a bit like that. The actual listing is even more compact.

Awesome. I cant wait for it… will definitely improve workflow