Vector Variable 3D Widget issues

Hello, I have put this question, or possibly bug on the AnswerHub, but since forums is more frequently visited, I will post it here also.

I am learning to create some procedural walls and in Blueprint Actor I have encountered some odd behavior of 3D Widget of Vector Variable.

  1. 3D Widget is not on the position it should be. I have spent hours trying to figure out my mistake in calculating vector, because my procedural wall was not heading towards 3D Widget as it should, only to figure out that it was widget being on the wrong position, not vector being wrong.
  2. 3D Widget gets stretched as I scale actor. This issue is purely cosmetic I think, but it is still annoying and imo deffinitely not as its supposed to be.

Red circle shows where “End Point” is supposed to be according to coordinates (red arrow). Also note the stretching on Z axis.

I hope someone understands what I tried to write and maybe someone knows what I am doing wrong and how to fix it :slight_smile:

Link to AnswerHub