Vector math (propably) help needed

Hi People. I’m struggling with a specific issue considering setting actor’s world location.
It’s a VR pickup system using set actor transform connected to tick (i want to use a bit of interpolation to give objects some weight (and if possible sweepin for collisions) - so no attaching).
The problem is - set actor location uses actror’s pivot point and what i need is an offset based on contact (hand/trace) location.
So i have 3 vectors - 1. Actor location (pickup object), 2- Parent / hand location, and 3-Hit/grab location. I’ve tried to do this in many ways, but honestly math is a bit of a amystery to me sadly.
What i have tried so far - using transform location / adding / subtraction vectors / using unit direction vector with length as an offset - nothing works as expected.
Anyone? Help would be greatly appriciated.

Have you seen this?:

I like his stuff, but missed this one. I’ll take a look, thanks.

Sorry but no cigar… He uses simple attach to actor/component, so thank you, but it’s not what i’m looking for.
Best regards, M.