Vector Fields & SubUV textures

Hi folks,

tl;dr **I’m looking for free VectorFields and SubUV textures i can use. **

Started learning about unreal a couple of weeks back, I’m currently playing with some particle systems for an environment i’m developing.

I know that you can make the vectorfields in maja (which i don’t have access to) and the SubUV’s i could probably do in photoshop but i’ve already been tangented away from my self-set project of just learning environment creation and level design. While i’m very much enjoying it, i’d love to just use some community assets for these and come back to work on my own later.

I know i’ve access to a couple of vector fields in the various projects that have been released for free through the marketplace and in the launcher - they’re not quite what i need. But does any have a repo of basic stuff that they wouldn’t mind sharing. Google search for the SubUV’s is less than helpful (unless they have another name that i’m not aware of)

I’m working with small torch flames and smoke, and a blizzard, snowy foggy environment - but anything would be useful.

thanks in advance