Vector 2D blackboard variable?


I’m trying to wrap my head around Behavior Trees and Blackboard variables in UE4, and I’ve hit an unexpected bump. I have this grid on which the player can already move, and I store all the tiles in a struct, using a 2D vector as an index for each tile.

I’d like the AI to do the same, but it seems Unreal does not support blackboard variables of type 2D vector. Am I missing something? I also tried creating an Int for X and another for Y, hoping I could use a “make 2D vector” out of them in a task, but there is no node for this.

Thank you

How about a 3D vector and just not use Z?

Mmh I did not think of that. But that would mean I need to change a lot of stuff, cause the struct uses a 2D vector instead of 3D to retrieve its content.

But the bottom line is, Behavior Trees can’t use 2D vectors indeed. I’m not sure why that is.

Thanks for your answer!