Various Destructible Mesh Issues

Hey guys, for the past couple of weeks I have been trying to brush up on my destructible mesh knowledge, and tried to get as nice possible effects.
Through gunfire, rockets and wrecking balls I have been testing how well my destructibles translate from one type of damage to another.

I have been trying to fix issue after issue but I think it is finally time to ask you guys for consultation.
Now the only thing I don’t know for sure is, can I compile all my issues here, or do I make a seperate thread for each?

First of all, my destructible meshes refuses to use world support.

Here you can see that I haven’t used anything weird, just simply selected the proper boxes.

I have tested the wall by putting it on the ground and IN the ground

Here you can see that Simulate Physics, is not selected
And during this gif you can see what actually happens. When my wreckingball hits the wall it literally lifts it up for several meters.

That is it for the first issue, going to post the second one soon as well.
Thank you for reading and thinking with me!

Now for issue number two I have literally no idea. First of all, as you will be able to see in the gif the damage spread is not even close to what it should be.
Something about having three to four intersecting destructible meshes is really messing with each other.
Secondly, when I shoot the instance of the wall destructible, everything instantly disappears. How is this happening?

Again thank you for giving this a read!